The mother of the stars “House-2” had caught on

Мать звезды «Дома-2» уличили в зависимости


Sister star “Dom-2” Victoria romanet said that their mom hooked on Instagram.

According to the girl, their mother angelina A. Morita whole family hunger for new preferences. A woman sits for hours on social networks, forgetting about home responsibilities and starving family. This was told by younger sister Victoria romanet — Antonina.

According to the girl, angelina A. does not give his daughter to eat her lunch until the mouth-watering dishes will not appear on the page in her microblog. She Antonina has already sounded the alarm, calling my mom to pay attention to the fact that obsession borders on addiction.

“As you know, Instagram is absorbing all. Particularly he absorbs my mom. Wherever she was — home, work or car, it all sits in Instagram”, — complains the girl.

Very often, Antonina began to hear from my mom “don’t touch it for Instagram”. Close to Victoria romanet forced to diet, while angelina A. pleases fans of culinary delights in his microblog. Ironic words of Antonina was aroused violent emotions among the fans that supported the sister stars of “House-2”, in the desire to protect loved ones from excessive popularity.

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