The name of Ivanka Trump runs for the presidency of the world Bank

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The names of potential replacements for Jim Yong Kim to head the world Bank begin to circulate, and among them is that of the daughter of president Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump, current advisor to the White House, says the Financial Times Friday.

David Malpass, one of the senior officials in the Treasury, as well as the former us ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley and Mark Green, president of the united states agency for international development (Usaid), are also cited by the daily business in the uk that does not reveal its sources.

“We’re not going to make comments on the candidates’ potential, indicated to the AFP a spokesperson of the Treasury.

“The Treasury has received a number of important recommendations for good candidates “, she added.

“We begin the internal process of review (of the candidates) for the nomination (of a candidate’s nationality) us. We look forward to working with the governors (of the world Bank) to select a new leader, ” she added.

Jim Yong Kim, 59, who has chaired the world Bank for six years, had Monday announced his surprise resignation, effective the 1st of February, to join the investment fund Global Infrastructure Partners, specialized in the financing of infrastructure.

An American is usually appointed the head of the world Bank while the direction of the international monetary Fund (IMF) is usually entrusted to a European, according to an unwritten rule. But this division of roles is now strongly challenged by the emerging countries.

Ivanka Trump was directly involved in the 2017 in the launch of a fund by the world Bank to promote the creation of enterprises by women in developing countries. This initiative is called “Women Entrepreneurs” Finance Initiative ” (We-Fi).

The candidates for the presidency of the world Bank will have to submit their applications between 7 February and 14 march, had announced the institution stating that the appointment of its new leader or future leader would take place before the spring meetings which are held the week of April 8th.

In addition, the Bank stated that it was committed to ensuring ” a process of selection transparent, open and merit-based “. It thus intends to publish before the vote on the list of three candidates, with their consent.