The penthouse of Pauline Marois is sold with$ 2.1 Million of profits

  • The luxurious condo he was living with Pauline Marois in Old Montreal, included among other things a terrace of 2000 square feet on the roof.

    Photo courtesy, Sotheby’s
  • Photo courtesy, Sotheby’s
  • Photo courtesy, Sotheby’s
  • Photo courtesy, Sotheby’s
  • Photo courtesy, Sotheby’s
  • Photo courtesy, Sotheby’s
  • Photo courtesy, Sotheby’s
  • Photo courtesy, Sotheby’s

The penthouse of Pauline Marois is sold with$ 2.1 Million of profits

The ex-premier of Quebec and her husband had put their home on the market for$4.9 Million

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The sumptuous penthouse of the ex-prime minister Pauline Marois and her husband Claude Blanchet, has just been sold for $ 4.6 million to a rich american doctor, is more than $ 2 million above what the couple had paid five years ago, has learned The Newspaper.

“This prestigious penthouse of new york-style offers 4906 square feet of unparalleled luxury, crowned with a superb roof terrace of over 2,000 square feet. “

Photo courtesyPauline Marois
Former first minister

Such is the description of the broker Sotheby’s Liza Kaufman about the condo-located in the chic heritage building St. Regis in Old Montreal in an ad is always accessible on the web.

The “sublime residence” was up for sale at the end of summer 2018 for $4.9 million.

“They [Ms. Marois and Mr. Blanchet] liked the property, but they have decided to move and build something else, I imagine “, commented briefly on Ms. Kaufman when attached to the phone.

Called nothing less than” extraordinary ” by Mrs. Kaufman, the penthouse had been bought for $ 2.5 million by the husband of the former prime minister of the parti québecois, Claude Blanchet, in April 2013. Ms. Marois was at this time in command of the quebec State.

It is Maxime Rémillard, the big boss of V Tv and the son of a king of the waste management, Lucien Rémillard (since moved to the Barbados, a tax haven), who had sold the property.

Field in the sky

The penthouse of two bedrooms and three bathrooms offers space beautifully furnished with very high ceilings and walls with large windows creating the impression of living in a majestic area in the sky, ” says the broker in its descriptive sheet.

The kitchen, meanwhile, is ” at the cutting edge of technology “. It is ” with counters and a large island marble Calacatta, Wolf gaz stove with 5 burners, an oven, a Gaggenau, a double refrigerator and 4-drawer freezer Sub Zero “, among others.

Based on the sales prices in 2013 and 2018, the husband of Ms. Marois, a former head of the Fonds de solidarité FTQ and the Société générale de financement (merged since with Investissement Québec), realizes a gain of $ 2.1 million in just five years on its acquisition.

It is not clear if the couple has performed work or has simply benefited from the rapid appreciation of the properties of big luxury in Montreal. One thing is for certain, no building permit application has been made to the City.

Or Liza Kaufman or torque Marois-Blanchet had not replied to the questions in the Journal to this topic.

“Please take note that Mrs. Marois does not want to comment on the articles about his private life “, wrote us in an e-mail to the secretary of Ms. Marois, Sylvie Alain.

Buyer very rich

Liza Kaufman told us that the lavish condo would serve as “pied-à-terre” to the u.s. buyer in the metropolis. “He loves the lifestyle, and he sees a potential [economic] in the city as well,” she commented. According to Ms. Kaufman, the amount of $ 4.6 million represents very little for him. “For this kind of buyer, this is not a big expense,” she summarized.

The broker in real estate says that the properties of great luxury are popular in Montreal. The u.s. buyers to replace the chinese buyers, who are struggling to get money out of the country because of political tensions. The Americans took advantage of the fall of the canadian dollar, ” she says.