The presented aircraft with Grafenauweg coating

Представлен самолет с графеновым покрытием

Popular mechanics

At the last Farnborough engineers from the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) has presented an unmanned aerial vehicle, which, according to them, is the world’s first aircraft with a coating of graphene.

Camera, wide gap of 3.5 meters, called Juno. Its fuselage has a coating of graphene; also, the aircraft is equipped with graphene batteries and contains parts printed on a 3D printer.

According to the portal New Atlas, graphene, being a very durable material that allows you to add strength to other materials of the fuselage — the latter, therefore, can be used less, which naturally helps to reduce the weight of the apparatus. In addition, according to the portal, due to the thermal conductivity of graphene the fuselage will be less susceptible to icing, and the conductivity of the material will allow — in the event of a lightning strike to dissipate impact energy across the surface of the fuselage.

In the next two months, reportedly, the Juno developers plan to conduct the first flights of the apparatus and further tests.

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