The production of double Occupancy reveals in spite of it the identity of the next girl who will enter in the adventure

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The people who have listened to OD+ live were “spoiler” the identity of the competitor who will make his entry into the house of the girls next Sunday.

One remembers that one of the three daughters of the public will have the opportunity to officially participate in the program. Renaud will be the “heavy” task of a trip to Santorini with Emira, Marilyn and jimmy to choose the one he would like to see enter in the adventure.


The identity of the winner was to be revealed Sunday. However, the production seems to be misled by revealing in spite of itself the identity of the girl who is chosen by Renaud. A screenshot showing the portrait of one of the three winners of the contest Mentos hung above a bed has been circulating on social networks following the broadcast of a segment (d’OD+ live.


Judging by the picture, this is Marilyn, the pretty redhead, who will have the chance of maybe finding love in OD Greece!

Is this a maneuver of the production to make a chat? Is it really a blunder? This is to be followed next Sunday!