The Red and Gold won the Cup Dunsmore

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In another battle, defensive, the Red and Gold of the University Laval has won the 15th Cup Dunsmore of its history, with the Carabins of the University of Montreal by a score of 14-1 in a match played this afternoon at the PEP before 10 220 spectators where the snow is invited to count the 3rd quarter.

This is the first time since 2013 that the Red and Gold won his three duels in the face of the Carabins. The snow has complicated the lives of the two teams in the latest quarter, a scene that resembled the Vanier Cup 2010, between the Red and Gold and the Calgary Dinos.

The Red and Gold will now face the X-Men of St.Francis Xavier next Saturday at home, to obtaining the Cup, Uteck.

They have defeated the Huskies of St. Mary’s by a score of 33-9 this afternoon in Halifax to win the Loney Bowl. Lex X Men reach the four aces for a third time in the last four seasons.

Ahead 10-1 at the half, the Red and Gold has obtained two affected safety in the 3rd quarter. The kicker to release Dominic Lévesque did very well in forcing the Carabins deep in their territory at every opportunity.

The first half

The Red and Gold started the game in force. Two beautiful race of Christopher Amoah and punishment, of harshness has led Laval in territory in territory of the Carabins. An interception of rookie Bruno Lagacé at the door of goals has hampered the pushed. The half-defensive managed a return of 44 yards, but the Blues have not been able to take advantage of the turnaround.

After a first quarter without a point, the Red and Gold opened the scoring on an investment of 14 yards to David’s Side.

Adam Auclair scored the only hit of the first half on a return of escaped of 77 yards. Dimitri Morand has not been able to master the delivery of his centre and the ball bounced a few times before ending up in the hands of the half defensive of Red and Gold spun into the end zone unmolested.

The only point of the Carabins in the first 30 minutes was the result of a single of Louis-Philippe Simoneau on an investment, missed from 43 yards. In the last seconds of the half, the Carabins have been punished with a penalty of harshness, which has forced Simoneau was attempted to an investment of 54 yards without success.

Despite the heavy rainfall, the déneigeurs have done a good job and the plot was in a field impeccable.