The ridiculous made in France

Look at this article

Before the Holidays, in my review In French please, I désolais of all the English that they invaded Quebec.

When we look, we laments. When we compare, we console.

And when we compare with the French, we realize that our cousins are completely ” crazy English. Ridiculous ” !

“Ze french speak Ze english

Here are the pearls that I gleaned here and there in the French magazine par excellence, the It, only in the last few weeks.

A text about the beauty products called Beauty scoop. Another on the last shots heart fashion : The Fashion Crush. And the beating of hearts beauty… you guessed it… The beauty crush.

An article on Victoria Beckham is called Space girl, the one on the politicians Ladies First. When we talk about a green product it is said to be green. A brief on a book of kitchen is decked out with the title I feel food !. A text on the fitness ? Body positive, “of course” !

Page after page, one is in the ” buzz “, the ” arty “, the ” come-back “, the ” hit list “, the ” it bag “, the ” beauty scoop “, the ” sexy smart “, ” Blake is so lovely “, ” inspiration street “, “good show” or even ” Where shopper an e-exclusive ? “.

You want to purchase products ? Go to the “It Store ” to ” XMas “. And don’t forget to wish “Happy Birthday” to Karl Lagerfeld.

The columnist Beauty notes recommends its ” hot spot “.

In a short text on Sugar Sammy, one speaks of its ” punchline “.

An interview with a model, in which he asks if she is a ” Beautysta “, is entitled : Beauty talk. It recommends ” a surprised easy “, “look nude” or ” one liner lagoon “.

The word “mode” has gone. We only speak of “staying the course” fashion, ” the gazette of fashion “, ” fashion alert “. It is Coco Chanel must be turning in his grave. This great lady once said : “fashion goes out of fashion, the style, never. “

Even the pubs are spending. To advertise the eau de parfum by Lancôme ” life is beautiful “, it uses the slogan : “Who will make you happy today ? “. In a commercial for a sound system, we speak of ” set fire to the dancefloor “.

The country of Molière, we are increasingly talking about the language of Shakespeare. And in addition, they do not even have the same excuse that we’re surrounded by a continent of English speakers.

Help !!!

The gastronomic chronicle is called Food. A folder on the best meals for breakfast… decked out for the title Best breakfast. Another on the right products for the shower talking about the ” showering “.

So, I wonder if I should take my “breakfast” before the “showering” or after.

I’m all ” mixed up. Help ” !