The Roadster Elon Musk reached the orbit of Mars after 8 months

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In 2018, Elon Musk has sent a rocket at SpaceX in which he had carefully installed his Tesla Roadster personal painted a cherry red.


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Eight months later, the car exceeds the orbit of Mars!

The Tesla Roadster continuing its journey to the distant lands of space, and we are reports of shots she takes while she is moving in zero gravity. In addition, the company has firmly attached to a mascot now popular behind the wheel of the Roadster. Starman’s first name is, at last, still intact, and sitting comfortably the helmet to the wind.


Fun fact to note. A u.s. web site generates a series of statistics fun about this project. Actually, the site called Where is Roadster says that the car currently travels at an impressive speed of 55 754 km/h and is more than 248 877 399 km of the Earth.



In addition, during its take-off, the company had stated that the driver Starman listen to famous compositions of David Bowie’s Space Oddity in one ear and Is there life on Mars in the other. If the battery still works, the same site estimates that the first song would have played in 74 224 times, while the second would have exceeded the ceiling of 100 000 repetitions!

Starman continues to move at full speed, without a precise destination.