The shakespeare to Robert Lepage

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The Shakespeare tragedy, Coriolanus, which dates back to the early 1600’s, will be a cure of youth with a new staging signed by Robert Lepage. Featuring Alexandre Goyette, Anne-Marie Cadieux and Rémy Girard, who will be surrounded by fifteen actors, this contemporary adaptation promises to be high in color, projections, special effects and technological feats.

After having been presented at the Stratford festival in English, June, 2018, where one has described the theatrical production of visually stunning, the new staging by Robert Lepage, will land in a few days on the boards of the TNM with an all-new cast.

“It’s really a delight to find Robert Lepage that has been important in my career, and I admire him a lot,” says Anne-Marie Cadieux, who has worked repeatedly with Robert Lepage in the past 25 years. “We even worked together on Shakespeare plays, including a trilogy involving Macbeth, The Tempest and Coriolanus “, she says.

Also, Robert Lepage is a lover of Shakespeare’s work, which explains that it was mounted not less than a fortnight. Only for Coriolanus, it is in its third staging, the first dates back to 1983.

A great challenge

Anne-Marie Cadieux propose Voluminia, the mother of Coriolanus, who raises only his son, the latter being personified by Alexandre Goyette.

“It is a great challenge, Voluminia is a character larger than life,” says the actress who has played the same character in 1993. “This is a woman stately and strong, a great female character. “

Moreover, the relationship between mother and son is very strong and she has a lot of ambition for him. “She loves her son, and he wants to please him “, she adds. “Even if there is nothing incestuous, we’re in an open relationship between the mother and the son. “

A political narrative

“It is the mother who wants to make Coriolanus a politician,” announces Anne-Marie Cadieux. This is after you have conquered one enemy city of Corioles, Marcius has been dubbed Coriolanus.

“Coriolanus is a warrior, which appeals a lot to the mother,” says the actress. But Coriolanus, the warrior, from the aristocracy, who knows how to show heroism is also a to be pretentious and arrogant, who despises his people. He will become a politician, but his lack of diplomacy will ensure that we will see a crisis of State.

Among the many other characters of this story consists of a game of power and manipulation, include Ménénius, the friend of Coriolanus, played by Rémy Girard.

It is mainly thanks to the technology, to be signed by Lepage, that we will see a contemporary reading of this great classic. “It is very filmic, we are in the contemporary, with the era of texting,” reveals the actress.

Anne-Marie Cadieux will be very present on the boards this season. In addition to his role at TNM, it will be at the Prospero in march in The bitter tears of Petra von Kant, and it will be in the framework of the FTA in the room Thirsty for next may.


  • Author : based on the work of Shakespeare
  • Directed by : Robert Lepage
  • Translation and adaptation : Michel Garneau
  • Cast : Mikhaïl Ahooja, Ariane Bellavance-Fafard, Jean-François Blanchard, Louise Bombardier, Anne-Marie Cadieux, Jean-François Casabonne, Lyndz Dantiste, Rémy Girard, Alexandre Goyette, Reda Guerinik, Tania Kontoyanni, Gabriel Lemire, Jean-Moïse Martin, Widemir Normil, Eliott Plamondon, Philippe Thibault-Denis, Jess, ” Come, and Tatiana Zinga Botao
  • From 15 January to 9 February (additional until 16 February)
  • At Théâtre La Licorne (main hall)