The Sisters-in-good fun

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Fifty years after its creation, The Sisters-in-law, the masterpiece of Michel Tremblay, revit at the Capitole de Québec, in a theatre with a strong musical entertaining.

Show created in 2010 and directed by René Richard Cyr, Sisters-in-law is back in Quebec with an all-new cast.

Presented at the Salle Albert-Rousseau in 2012, the musical theater, starring Kathleen Fortin, Éveline Gélinas, Edith Arvisais, Sonia Vachon and eight actresses-singers, moved to Capitol hill for 15 performances.

Flagship piece of Tremblay, written in 1965, The Sisters-in-law tells the story of Germaine Lauzon, a housewife of the Plateau-Mont-Royal who has won a million stamps-premiums.

A price that will allow him to buy all that there is in the catalogue. Performed by Kathleen Fortin, Germaine Lauzon invites her sisters and neighbours to an evening of collage of stamps.

On a Thursday night where the jealousy will surface and who will degenerate when Pierrette Guérin (Éveline Gélinas), sister Germaine, and daughter of bad life resurfaced.

Vocal Harmonies

The twelve actresses-singers, accompanied by four musicians in withdrawal, evolve in a decoration of a kitchen of the 60s, with a fridge, a telephone roulette and cabinets.

There is a lot of singing and music in this replay submitted, yesterday, for the 251e time since its creation. A music signed by Daniel Bélanger.

It has the right, throughout the show, the superb vocal harmonies. Some parts are sung a bit grotesque, there are some moments of cacophony, and good vocal performances.

Kathleen Fortin, in Gratis, Jade Bruneau, who sings of his love for his salesman in My seller brush and a duet full of emotion and intensity between Éveline Gélinas and Edith Arvisais, who plays the daughter of Germaine, in the room The front door.

We also found a beautiful complexity of music in the room, The black soul, when the arrival of Pierrette and Dammit Johnny.

Kathleen Fortin, Éveline Gélinas, Edith Arvisais and Sonia Vachon are distinguishable side game. Kathleen Fortin is a powerful and unsettling emotion in the finale where she sings Gratis, Gratis. The work of Tremblay, 50 years after its creation, revit with force, in a form playing and singing interesting and in a nice way. The replay, staged by René Richard Cyr is based on an effective blend of singing, music and theatre that allows you to give a new life to this classic of quebec theatre.