The ski resorts are to avoid the worst-in spite of the weather

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Relief for operators of ski resorts in the Québec city region : the lovers of snow sports are waiting for you in this Holiday season, which is crucial for the industry, despite a weather rollercoaster in December.

In spite of the heavy rain and sleet, the skiing conditions are more than acceptable and the crowd does not disappoint, ensure that the main operators of mountains of the region.

“It is sure that it is necessary to remind people that our conditions are beautiful in spite of everything. The effect icy sidewalk doesn’t really effect on our mountain because we work on our trails, ” notes Melanie Morneau, director of communications at the resort of Lac-Beauport.

The snow cannons and snow groomers are operating in full swing, so that Saturday, 21 runs on 33 were available to the resort of Lac-Beauport. The network of trails in the woods, on natural snow, is closed for the most part.

“What saved us [Friday], it really is the small layer of 5 to 6 inches of snow we had before the rain,” says Mrs. Morneau.

Ridership on the rise

At idle after the rain, the figures of ridership are on the rise since Christmas, compared to last year. “It was extremely cold last year,” said the spokesperson.

“There is a risk of better figures than last year “, also think Caroline Leclerc, coordinator, communications at station touristique Stoneham and Mont-Sainte-Anne, where the Holiday period is on average 20 % of annual turnover.

In the two mountains, the ski area remains below the average for this time of the year, as a result of low precipitation of snow in December and rain events. Nearly 50% of the pistes are open.

In return, the early start to the winter has helped to save the season. It clings also to a depression that could leave up to 15 cm of snow on Tuesday.