The soul of a people

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Cuba has seen its victory against Spain, at the end of the Nineteenth century, confiscated by the United States, who are assigned all the merits of the anti-colonial struggle. From that moment on, the american model has established itself in all spheres of cuban society. The construction, in the cuban capital, el capitolio, on the model of the u.s. Capitol, but with resemblances to the Pantheon in Paris, is part of this lineage of mimicry. In Cuba, the government had two chambers of elected representatives : the senate and the house of representatives, as in Washington.

This monumental building is worth a visit. Closed since 2010 for restoration, the el capitolio has re-opened its doors recently, although there are still several parts to restore before the celebration of the 500th anniversary of the founding of the city of San Cristobal de La Habana, in November 2019.

The entrance costs 10 CUC and you are entitled to a guided tour of about an hour where we will explain from A to Z the construction and the symbolism of the prestigious historic monument which has been restored to its early functions, since the assembly of people’s Power, the equivalent of the parliament, a seat on the occasion.

El capitolio

Glitz El Capitolio

The building of the el capitolio, the company in April of 1926, was completed three years and fifty days later, a feat for a time when there were no cranes and modern techniques of construction.

After having climbed the 55 steps of the huge staircase, you arrive at the portico supported by 12 granite columns. Then go through the central door of bronze, decorated with bas-reliefs and coats of arms national to penetrate into the entry hall, or salle des pas perdus.

In front of you stands the statue of the Republic, the second largest bronze statue in the world, exposed to the interior of a building, with its 17 m of height. At the center of the room, directly under the huge arch which is 92 m high, is a star of gold engraved in the marble of the floor and in the centre, a treasured diamond-encrusted, which marks the kilometer zero of the central road.

This diamond has had a turbulent history, because it has already been stolen and is recovered as by chance in the office of the president of the Republic, in the forties.

On the ground floor, in the diamond, it was installed the tomb of the soldier mambi unknown, who died for the fatherland in the anti-colonial struggle and the symbol of the ” moral foundation, and political history of the nation “, to which we owe the birth of the Republic of Cuba.

An eternal flame burns before the tomb surrounded by the flags of Latin american nations. Each week, the president of the Republic sent a wreath of flowers, to signify that we will never forget the efforts that have provided the patriots to free themselves from the Spanish colonial power.

The Capitol of Havana is a true work of art that has not finished delivering all its secrets. It is said that it symbolizes the soul of the cuban people and there is no crucifix !