The Voltigeurs on the menu

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After their 2-1 victory over the Victoriaville Tigers Friday night, the Walls will rub themselves to a power of the QMJHL, Sunday afternoon, in the Voltigeurs de Drummondville, a team that has won its last match at the account of… 12-1 !

Friday night, the troupe of Steve Hartley has humiliated the Armada of Blainville-Boisbriand in a match for the emotional, in which the two coaches are not embarrassed to criticize the one and the other during their press briefings after the meeting.

With this gain, Drummond brought his record to 31-9-1.

But all that is far in the concerns of Patrick Roy, who prefers to focus on his team who is still in the adaptation period, after the many changes in the Holiday season.

“I see this match as an opportunity for us to continue the process that has started. With the many transactions that we do, we want to give the chance to everyone to find his niche and be comfortable. I want to see what we can continue to improve, as there are aspects in our game that still needs work, especially our work around the net, in tight spaces. “

Roy has also put the emphasis there-on Saturday, during a short workout of half an hour held at the Centre Videotron.

“We calculate that against Gatineau, if our execution had been a little better around the net, after two periods there would have been no match. Yesterday [Friday], the same thing, we had several chances around the net. Both teams have played well and their keeper has made good saves, but I thought that one would have to have better execution. To improve it, it will have to do much. We started today, and we will continue to do so. “


Roy did not intend to play musical chairs with its alignment. The trios used Friday will remain intact this afternoon in Drummondville. The only changes that the coach hopes to achieve in the short term are at the level of its defenders, since Dylan Schives, Felix-Olivier Chouinard and Louis Jr Tardif will be used alternately, and the two goalkeepers, as is the case since their acquisition.