This new series is a kind of Gossip Girl, but “trash”

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After having experienced a great success in Ireland, the series Derry Girls arrived on Netflix and you should definitely listen to it.

Imagine Gossip Girl, but without the wealth. Blair and Selena, who drink beer instead of champagne. The same kind of secondary school, but much less posh.

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Basically, this is the story of 4 teenage girls of 16 years: Erin, Clare, Michelle and Orla. They are in 5th year of secondary school for girls Our Lady Immaculate.

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James, the cousin of Michelle, is also enrolled in the same college, even if he is the only guy.

It is because he is English, not irish, and that the tensions between the two peoples are too intense for it to be safe in a boys ‘ school.

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The show takes place in Northern Ireland, then the accents are intense and we often learn new words, but it makes the dialogue even more hilarious.

You can see the 6 30-minute episodes on Netflix and, apparently, the season 2 has already been filmed so it should arrive soon on our screens.

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My mind is blown at all of you watching #DerryGirls on #Netflix from all over the world As a thank you please enjoy this sneak peak at Series 2! #ClareIsStillAShiteTheTights 📷 Courtesy of our brilliant DOP @olirusselldop – We have no release date yet but I’ll let you know as soon as we do ❤️

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In addition, the actors are adorable and they are friends in real life!

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Don’t miss it!

SondageAllez you listen to “Derry Girls”?

Already done!

This is my next series!

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