To the memory of Marshall

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A few weeks ago, Silvi Tourigny spoke with enthusiasm of his beautiful grand Marshall, a dog bull mastiff cross St Bernard 8 ½ years. A ball of love 120 pounds ! Unfortunately, it had to be euthanized, just before the Holidays, due to a sudden health problem, unexpected and intractable. Silvi and I wanted to pay tribute to him by publishing our interview about it.

1. What is the reason that pushed you to have Marshall house ?

I was very attached to the dog of my partner. It had been the guard when it is separated, a year or two before our meeting, but her ex has finally resumed. There has been a void, a lack, for my spouse and me. I have a need almost vital to have a dog, make me invite him to my return. My spouse has found Marshall on the social networks. He still had four puppies in the litter. We went to see them and fell in love with him. He had two months and was just as big as its current head. A small ball of love !

2. Are you more ” cat ” or ” dog ” ?

I have always had animals. I love both species, but I think I’m more of a dog. I love the interaction with the dogs. They are very demonstrative, expressive, always happy and they greet you on your return. It makes me feel good.

3. How to describe in a few sentences the personality of Marshall ?

In the photo, it looks a little bit depressive because of his face ” baboune “, but, true, he is very active and playful. It is a ball of love and a big beast relaxes ! In his head, this large dog of 120 pounds thinks he is a chihuahua ! Next to education, I escaped a little and I take the blame. In fact, when he was little, he was not taught to be a bubble and leave us to ours. He’d sit on us and we let him do. He believes he is so small and think it does not take place.

4. Tell us a fact comical, unusual or special about your animal.

When he has learned to stop getting on the couch, for a long time, he still had the right to support her ass on it. It was funny to see, with her little ass resting on the pillow and all four legs touching the ground. With time, it has lost its interest to the couch.

5. Tell us about one of his little defects.

To welcome people to the house, it is a “fourcheur professional” ! That is to say, it kicks the muzzle in the fork of the world. I tried to solve this by giving him a bone to chew. It occupies at least a good hour !

6. What is his favorite activity ?

In fact, he loves to be outside. He turns into a puppy and runs around like a madman. He eats the equivalent of two birch trees in the small branches. It’s crazy, because inside, it is a dog couch, a dog calm.

7. Why is it a source of inspiration ?

With her face of ” baboune “, Marshall embodies a bit of the side “baboune” and the “beige” of Carole, one of my characters.

About Silvi Tourigny :

  • Stand-up comedian, she was known with two seasons of the webseries Carole helps her next.
  • It is in writing, and break-in period for the first part of the show de Cathy Gauthier, who will take place this spring. (
  • She hosts a night of comedy once a month at Café art centre in Boucherville.