Trump promises to improve the conditions of the visa of qualified workers

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The qualified foreign with a visa is very popular and enables them to work in the United States will soon see an improvement in their living conditions and will be able to even dream of us citizenship, has promised Friday to Donald Trump.

The president spoke about H-1B visas, much sought-after technology companies in the Silicon Valley, including for the hiring of scientists, engineers and programmers computer indian.

“Holders of H1-B in the United States can reassure themselves: changes are underway, which will simplify and sustain your stay, including through a possible route of access to citizenship. We want to encourage talented people and highly qualified to pursue careers in the United States “, has tweeted the tenant of the White House.

Mr. Trump has long been his desire to reform the H-1B visas, raising concerns given his offensive concomitant to give priority to american workers.

The United States shall issue each year 85.000 visas, H1-B, with a duration of three years to foreign nationals sponsored by an employer. Three-quarters of the applicants are from India.

These work permits of limited duration intended primarily for scientists, engineers and programmers, it, are, in particular, a gateway for many Indians, attracted by us technology companies.