Ukraine has deployed armored in the sea of Azov

Украина перебросила бронекатера в Азовское море

The Ministry of defense of Ukraine

The commander of land forces of armed forces of Ukraine (AFU) Colonel-General Sergei Popko on his page in the social network has announced the strengthening of the army group in the sea of Azov.

Amazing army amazing country: the Deputy Minister of infrastructure of Ukraine Yuriy Lavrenyuk informed put in a social network post that completed the transfer in the sea of Azov two armored type “Gyurza-M”.

September 9 was lowered into the water the boat “Lubny”, September 11 — “Kremenchug”, and “heroes” from all over Ukraine filled the social network with enthusiastic feedback about the upcoming “Peremoha”. In fact in its combat characteristics armored naval forces of Ukraine (vmsu) is suitable only for service on the rivers, writes a columnist of the weekly “Star” Victor sokyrko.

The Council of national security and defense Council (NSDC) of Ukraine ordered to increase its military presence in the sea of Azov, and to ensure the units of coastal defense missiles. After the Ukrainian General staff has taken “measures to ensure full control of the situation in the region, supporting the actions of the naval group, to ensure reliable defense of the sea coast”.

“Shock force” of the naval forces of Ukraine will be presented in this area light armored BC-02 project 58155 “Gyurza-M”, which is available with six, four of which are relocating now in Azov.

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