Ukrainians can now get a divorce via Facebook

Team “Juscutum” has announced a new development is the chat bot for Facebook called SudoBot that will help couples to get a divorce. The bot will help to prepare and file an application for divorce, to pay for the service and to invite the parties to court.

Украинцы теперь могут развестись через Facebook


As noted in the company, appeal to the bot will save the user from having to go to court in order to file a claim. In addition, the procedure itself is cheaper. “For example, the bot will register your claim over 950 UAH, and registration of the divorce in court is about 1500 UAH”, — said the lawyer.

Украинцы теперь могут развестись через Facebook

To use the services of the bot, you need to go to his page, write a message and start a conversation. In dialogue, you need to provide the statement of the husband or wife, the result will be a bot ready statement. It shall be signed by the lawyers of the “Juscutum” and it goes to court. The bot can also give advice about how to behave in court and what to do when you receive a summons.

In Ukraine, services of the bot already tried: on 24 January, the court issued its first decision on divorce, decorated with SudoBot.

Statistics: annually in Ukraine is about 100,000 divorces.