Véronic DiCaire: body and soul

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Véronic DiCaire is definitely one of the artists working in the show business in quebec. Not need to be particularly perceptive to realize it. In its roadmap the last few years speaks for itself : performances in France, Switzerland, Belgium, touring with Celine Dion, broadcast on Radio-Canada, broadcast on France 2… The list goes on.

The singer and imitator has not been idle. But it is by observing it on stage that we measure the entire breadth of the energy that animates it.

And yet, Véronic DiCaire has not always been so valiant. In interview to the Newspaper, the “p’tite fille” of Embrun, Ontario, admits that she was not as much of a fervor in the school.

“I’ve never been a good student. I was not disciplined. For me, it was a burden. Today, I understand that with hard work, you can get everything done, but it is something that I had not entered the school. Probably because I hated it. The heart was not in it. “

“It was after my secondary school that all changed, when Rémon (Boulerice, her husband and manager) told me that we could try to do something together. The discipline came with the urge to realize my dream. “

The quarter turn

Véronic DiCaire has started her new tour on 28 November in Saint-Jérôme. Two weeks later (and a few days before our meeting in Montreal), we were in Trois-Rivières to attend the show, presented in a salle J.-Antonio-Thompson-full crack.

Although it is one of the first shows of a tour, which should be spread over three years and several continents, nothing appeared. Surrounded by six dancers and four musicians, the Franco-Ontarian has offered a show that seemed to be honed to a quarter turn. Two hours of vocal prowess, choreography exciting and humorous.

As for the imitations, most of the time bluffantes, they were brought to them so frankly imaginative. The artist of 42 years old gave himself body and soul to each of them, from Lady Gaga to Celine Dion, passing by Safia Nolin, Charlotte Cardin, Nanette Workman, Edith Butler, Cœur de pirate, Ginette Reno, Marie Carmen and Marie-Chantal Toupin.

Nobody can blame Véronic DiCaire to deliver a show lazy. Even the packaging stage, composed of the same luminous panels having followed Bruno Mars during his recent 24K Magic World Tour, impresses.

At the end of the evening, we had to be many to have the print out of the concert to great deployment of a pop star internationally.

“It is important for me to present something that is not the wolves howl, or a caricature,” says simply the star chameleon.

“Holiday “

Over the next month, Véronic DiCaire will stop in several cities in Quebec. It will fly then to Europe, where she will present a revised version of the show until April. It will continue to alternate between the two continents until 2020, at a minimum.

“When I’m on tour, it is as if I was on vacation, she insists. As soon as we share in the tour bus, we take care of. I arrive, I do my sound check, I eat, I give a show, the worse I sleep. I do not need to think about anything else. “

Mission : to entertain

Véronic DiCaire mentioned a few times during his show and during our interview : when the curtain opens, its first goal is to amuse people, entertain them so that they forget – for the night – their problems. As the years pass, the more this mission takes on a deeper meaning for the one known as a singer in the early 2000s with Feel Happy.

“My role became clear when I did the Gaîté Montparnasse in Paris in 2010, she says. Initially, I was suffering a bit from the syndrome of the impostor as an imitator. It had put me in the humor category, but I was not a comedian… I had a lot of difficulty in my role until a madam of a certain age come to me to tell me : “You know, girl, I’ve had the chance to see Edith Piaf at the Olympia. Tonight, you made me relive it all. You have given me a youthful look incredible. I thank you for it”. When I got home, I had braillé because it had made me realize that what I was doing, it was important for some people. “

“Is it that I am a control freak ? A little ! “

Rich in imitations, the new show Véronic DiCaire also includes two ambitious dance numbers, which were greeted with so many standing ovations in Trois-Rivières last month. We have broached the subject with the artist.

With all the energy you deploy in your show, how do you manage to sleep once the curtain fell ?

It is true that it is difficult. But around 1 am in the morning, I start to unpack. My thing to relax is to take a hot shower before going to bed. And when I leave the next day, I can take a good glass of wine.

The dance occupies an important place in your new show. Since when do you like this art form ?

Since always. When I was little, I admired the ballerinas. It is a discipline that has always fascinated me. I incorporate in my shows from my home in Las Vegas in 2013.

In your performances the previous, you dansiez only with girls. This time, you have embedded men. Why ?

With the movement #MeToo, I wanted to show that we still had need of men, and that together, we could form a team. Bad it is fun because with guys, you can do worn ! [Laughter]

The finalist of Revolution, Yoherlandy, is part of your group of dancers. When have you recruited ?

He was with us before Revolution. I had done workshops in the spring to see if I liked the dynamic with the guys.

Do you like the beginning of a tour, when one makes changes after each performance ?

Yes. I love this period of adjustment, when you think : “That is what we can improve ? What is it that we can change ? “It’s a step I love because we built something. For this new show, this is reassuring : the changes that it brings are far from drastic. When one sits down, Josée [Fortier, the director] and I, we realize that everything works well, but it is still necessary to remove the numbers, because it is still too long.

Do you believe that it is your show the most successful ?

To create this show, I was able to sit down and take the time to create something from nothing, like Las Vegas. While with the other, it was always in reaction to the success that grew and grew. In France, it has already found to make a show in front of 5000 people and Josée [Fortier] likes to say that we had a bench and a chair ! [Laughter]

Your imitation of Hubert Lenoir is a big hit on stage. Is this the first man you imitate ?

Yes. I had to integrate Hubert at the show. I wanted to do it. It is a must. This is someone that everyone knows in Quebec.

What make you of your year 2018, during which you have handled the first part of the concert of Celine Dion in Asia ?

The year 2018 has been very intense. When I look back, it seems like it has lasted for six months.

You are involved in every aspect of the show. You have even designed your stage costume…

Is it that I am a control freak ? A little ! [Laughter] But I like to work in a team !

Véronic DiCaire will present their show for the first time the media in Montreal on Monday. Performances are also planned in Gatineau, Brossard, Sherbrooke, Saint-Eustache, LaSalle, La Baie and Quebec. veronicdicaire.com