[VIDEO] A woman wrestler puts his tampon in the mouth of his opponent, and the community is angry

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A wrestler in the WWE, which is evolving in the Mae Young Classic has been called “disgusting” by some legends of the sport, after she had inserted her tampon into the mouth of his opponent during a game, independent, organised by Suburban Fight in Los Angeles.

The scene orchestrated by Priscilla Kelly has quickly become viral.

The member of the hall of fame of the WWE, Jim Ross, was the one who initiated the criticism, as reported in the New York Post.

Gail Kim, a former superstar of the organization, has simply refused to share the sequence, “because it is a shame to the sport”.

“Why not tell a story with your talents in the ring”, she added.

The member of D-Generation X, Road Dogg Jesse James, for his part, stressed that “it was one of the reasons that make some people despise our profession”.

Kelly defends herself

The main interested is vigorously defended on Twitter.

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Take me back to Japan! Need more Lawson treats.. #HellsFavoriteHarlot 🌹

A publication shared by Priscilla Kelly (@thepriscillakelly) on 28 Dec. 2018 at 9 :16 pm PST

“You know that this is planned. A show in a bar that caters to the over 21 years of age. You can’t always take life too seriously.”

According to her, it is a proof of sexism, simply.

“A penis, it’s funny and cool. A vagina, it is disgusting. Equal?”


A fan proved his point:

“Joey Ryan sends waltz of the wrestlers with his penis. Rikishi rubbed his ass messy in the face of his opponents. Scenes almost sex between two women, pin in the front, but it is a buffer which is the more you react?”

Here’s the scene in question.