[VIDEO] Borat is back to mock supporters of Trump during the mid-term elections

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The most famous of journalists of Kazakhstan, absent from our screens for over 10 years, has made his return to television for one night only. He went on to tease the voters of Donald Trump during the mid-term elections that took place Tuesday in the United States.

The character Sacha Baron Cohen has taken over the collar for a capsule of five-minute broadcast the same evening of the elections to Jimmy Kimmel Live, at the request of the moderator.

As you can see in the video that follows, some of the electors met in the streets of Los Angeles are at it again fell into the trap, believing they have a real journalist kazakh.


“Donald Trump is a racist, no? It is racist towards muslims and jews. But it’s okay to be racist, I am also”, lance-t-il to a Californian in that he managed to get invited. “Um, no, I believe that there is a big problem to be a racist”, says the republican, which seems to be exceeded.

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