[VIDEO] ice Monitoring: on patrol with the canadian coast Guard

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QUEBEC | With the onset of colder temperatures that promote the formation of ice on the St. Lawrence river, the canadian coast Guard is entering its busiest time of the year.

During the winter, the coast Guard conducts two aerial patrols monitoring ice each day. TVA Nouvelles was also able to take part in one of these patrols, on Friday morning, when one of our reporters was able to climb aboard a helicopter Bell 429.

Responsible for the monitoring between Sorel-Tracy and Deschambault-Grondines, near Quebec city, the crew consisting of a pilot and a specialist of the ice, it must transmit the data it has collected in the Montréal office.

“It is reported, the cracks, the sea-ice coastal loosen up and would end up in the waterway,” said Philip Mann, a specialist of the ice.

This patrol is designed to ensure that merchant ships, which constitute an important part of the economy, can continue to circulate freely in the voie maritime du Saint-Laurent, but also to monitor the possible formation of ice jams that could lead to flooding.