[VIDEO] The lead singer of the Foo Fighters still falls scene

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Dave Grohl, leader of Foo Fighters, is once again fell on stage this Wednesday, during the group’s first concert of the new year. He had already broken his leg falling from the stage in Sweden in 2015, and this time, it is Las Vegas that took place last fall, during a guitar solo.

Fans have filmed the scene, and you can see on the videos Dave Grohl trying to catch a beer proffered by a fan to drink, but does not get there and fall. Dave Grohl had last year confess to rarely be sober on stage, because he drinks before the concerts.

“An hour before the concert, I will drink a Coors Light, he had entrusted to s.a. klos-FM. 50 minutes before the concert, I drink Jagermeister, I finished the Coors Light, and I opened another. And as there are people, I drink some shots with them. And then I finished the Coors Light, I take another, and it is about 20 minutes before going on stage, I drank three or four shots of Jager and three Coors Light. And then the people leave, and it was fifteen minutes to us, and we must go on stage, so I open one last beer to have a fresher on the way, and I finished the bottle of Jager.”