[VIDEO] The Toyota Supra 2020 unveiled before the time

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A few days before the official unveiling of the Toyota Supra 2020, scheduled for next Monday at the auto Show in Detroit, a first promotional video of the vehicle has been put online.


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Posted on YouTube by SupraMKV, a forum dedicated to enthusiasts of this vehicle, the video shows the car in all its angles, without cover or camouflage.



As expected, the sports car of japan is strongly inspired by the concept FT-1, unveiled by Toyota, there are already a number of years.

At the front, you can see a front bumper with three huge catches of aeration. The body lines are leaking up the back, hence the name “Supra” throne is under the logo of Toyota. Impossible to be mistaken, the iconic Supra is well and truly back!

A great return

The Supra is about to make a comeback in Toyota after an absence of more than 15 years.

The japanese manufacturer has teamed up with BMW to promote the development of the vehicle. The new generation of the BMW Z4 gives us a good idea of the size and performance offered by the Supra.

The Z4 and the Supra would including the same engines, a block and six-cylinder in-line 3.0 L paired to an automatic transmission.