Violent fire in Val-Bélair: alarm clock difficult for a construction contractor

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The company’s Construction Bernard Carignan, based in Quebec for almost a quarter of a century, intends to get up quickly from the violent fire that destroyed its new headquarters, Tuesday evening.

The blaze was attacked at the warehouse and the administrative offices that the company has recently inaugurated, in march, on the avenue of the Business, in the industrial park of Val-Bélair.

“My part of me, in my book, it is a total loss, or not far. It is a major fire”, said on Wednesday the co-owner of the company, Maxim Carignan.

The entrepreneur, who specializes in residential and commercial, it is said, however, relieved for his neighbours and business partners who occupy the same building and have for the majority been spared by the disaster.

Team resilient

The day after the fire, which required a fourth alarm, the small team of six workers and two office workers showed itself to be resilient and were already thinking of the reconstruction.

The company is said to have kidneys strong enough to meet its commitments to its customers and to ensure the continuity of its five sites. It excludes any layoff.

“It is insured for the building. It is the hardware. There is a person who has been injured. This is the most important thing for me and for my brother in everything,” said Mr. Carignan.

There was fortunately no employees in the building when the fire broke out. Black smoke and opaque enveloped the trade to the arrival of first responders.

“We find it hard a bit, however, I’m a team worker who is great. Everyone is in place this morning [Wednesday]”, he says.

Computer hardware saved

The contractor was keen to highlight the work of the fifty or so firefighters who fought the fire and were able to limit the spread of fire.

The sappers were also able to recover the computer equipment of the company, which contains valuable data on its ongoing projects.

“Honestly, the firefighters have been really great. It’s a small gesture for them, but it makes a big difference for us,” says Maxim Carignan.

On Wednesday, the Service of protection against fire of Quebec (SPCIQ) was not able to establish the cause of the fire. An investigation has been opened.