When Hollywood has been inspired by France

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The arrival on our screens In a different way, the american version of the success of the Untouchables, is part of a long line of French films to success revisited by Hollywood. Here are five works which have undergone the same treatment in the past.

True lies (1994)

The couple played by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis was originally settled by Thierry Lhermite and Miou-Miou in The total!, published in France three years earlier. And 25 years after its release, True lies remains one of the remakes of French works of the most lucrative. A project of tv series has recently been announced by the american network FOX.

La cage aux folles (1996)

It has taken almost 20 years for the United States decide to revisit the classic French film La cage aux folles. Became The Birdcage in its original English version, the film by Mike Nichols remained particularly faithful to the scenario, once signed by Francis Veber. And the delivery of Robin Williams and Nathan Lane will have been as convincing as that of Ugo Tognazzi and Michel Serrault, enabling the replay to rake in revenues of more than $ 185 million americans.

Three men and a baby (1987)

France first got Jacques, Pierre and Michel in Three men and a baby basket, while the United States gave us Jack, Peter and Michael two years later in Three men and a baby. In both cases, the trio of singles found the next day with a baby on the arm. The american version has had a sequel in 1990, where the baby was now a girl. The French, themselves, have waited nearly two decades before gathering their characters in the film 18 years later.

Taxi (2004)

The monster known by the French movie Taxi did not take long to inspire the monks of the american cinema. They have, however, reviewed the approach, making use of Jimmy Fallon and Queen Latifah, in order to shed more light on the humorous side of the film, sometimes even at the expense of the action scenes. Result : unlike his French counterpart, who was entitled to the four suites, the Taxi u.s. has not taken the road since.

The dinner of cunts (2010)

In the hands of the american filmmaker Jay Roach, the film is a cult French became Dinner for Schmucks. Featuring Steve Carell and Paul Rudd in the role formerly held by Jacques Villeret and Thierry Lhermitte, this re-reading has not received as favourable as the original, but the game of the idiot, of service, here’s Steve Carell, has been hailed by several critics.