When love meets the supernatural

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Elizabeth and David don’t know each other. She is a teacher, he is a famous writer. A strange thing unites them : the night, they are plagued by the same nightmares and relive a great number of past lives where their love ended irretrievably a brutal way. This time, they are to be found. But this will be for the last time.

When Elizabeth and David meet at a society event in Boston, it was love at first sight.

David does not take long to expose the dark sides of his personal life. Elisabeth, prudent, approaching him slowly. Together, they are looking for items to explain their past lives.

Nathalie D’amours, a teacher in a primary school in Sainte-Julie, and the author of four novels, has inspired a very strong image that appeared to write The last time, a story where love mingles with the supernatural.


Photos evocative and reminded her of the street lamps of Boston, a city that she loves, and the photo of a girl at the foot of a lamppost. “The story was built up very quickly in my head,” she said.

Set the story in Boston was obvious. “It is a big city and recently, there have been bomb attacks. I go to Boston every year and there is much talk of the movement #BostonStrong came of it.

I find that there are many people that are interested in others, who are the gentiles, who are friendly in this city and who are trying that everyone is well. There are people who are there to do good. “

Nathalie does not believe particularly in the past lives or the supernatural.

“I like to think that it can happen to some people, but I don’t think this is something common, that we have all the past lives. “However, it was a good tool for his work as a novelist !

The good, the bad

The novelist adds that she is very interested in the notions of good and evil, in society in general, and in the way in which each lives the events that marked the existence.

“There are people whose instincts are to do the most evil around them. It looks like they are unconscious of it. And I think that there are people who are good. With Elizabeth and David, I wanted to bring out the positive side. “

David is a famous writer… but to a person imperfect, to the troubled past.

“It’s part of our humanity to all. We all have things that we regret, but we go forward, we try to learn from it. We can see this aspect with David, to learn to take the mistakes that we made. It does what it should and it comes out. “

His character of Elizabeth is living in the present moment. “At the beginning, it gave him a chance, but she still remained on guard. But she has learned that you can start afresh, without pay our whole lives for mistakes. I thought it was important. “

  • Nathalie D’amours will be at the Salon du livre de Montréal on November 17 and 18.
  • She was born at Saint-Boniface in Manitoba, and lives on the South Shore of Montreal, where she teaches in the primary.
  • The last time is her fourth novel.

The last time, Nathalie D’amours, Editions Robert Laffont, 440 pages