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Who is Heather Rose dating?

– Heather Rose –

MODEL Heather Rose has been linked to a few rappers, though these reports have never been confirmed.

When rapper Young M.A. called her baby in one of her photos, the Instagram model stunned her followers.

Who is Heather Rose dating?

Heather has previously been linked to rapper Gunna.

Jai Nice, Gunna’s girlfriend, allegedly claimed on social media that Heather is his side chick, directing posts toward Heather.

“You b**** wished I f**k them n****,” Jai allegedly wrote on Instagram stories.”

She went on, without naming anyone: “You’ve been clout chasing and attention and getting passed around like a hot potato. You found it after weeks of searching.”

According to reports, Heather assumed Jai was referring to her and responded on her Facebook page, writing, “S**t really lame.” I got this old a**** and pressed the f**** out of him. I’m not going to bother anyone. You’ve been poking at me every day until you got a reaction…”

Gunna remained silent on the rumors surrounding him and Heather.

Heather later reportedly claimed that she “privately dm’d” Jai.

She continued, saying: “& you clearly want to have a show. You won, baby. I’m not going to do this lame a** s****! I know what’s going on, and you know what’s going on, which is why you’re so angry and bothering me every day.”

Heather allegedly wrote Gunna’s name multiple times in large font in a later Instagram post.

The comments have since been removed.

What did people say about Heather Rose and Jai Nice?

Instagram users were quick to weigh in on the debate between the two ladies, with one user writing: “Why is Jai acting so superior to the others? You may post him once in a while, but he never posts you, so what is there to brag about?

“She so in her feelings to be the’main chick’… if you know he has girls in rotation, why are you going back and forth?” she adds. You splattered your own tea.”

“Heather is fine as f****,” said another. I don’t hold it against Gunna. “Did Jai believe she was the only one?”

“Imagine fighting over Gunna,” wrote a third.

What happened between Heather Rose and Young M.A.?

Heather and rapper Young M.A. reportedly shocked fans on social media after being spotted riding ATVs together, according to an Instagram post.

Fans on social media assumed they were together because they were both on an island riding ATVs and posting photos at the same time.

Earlier, Young M.A. posted a photo on Instagram with the caption, “My heart yellow because I’m cautious.”

Heather commented beneath the photo, “OF WHAT?” M.A replied, “my baby,” with a kissy-face emoji.

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Heather Rose (born 1964 in Hobart, Tasmania) is an Australian author.