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Instagram Model Suing Drake After He Put Hot Sauce in a Condom

– Who is the IG Model Suing Drake –

This article discusses Drake and the Instagram Model, as well as what happened between him and the girl. Continue reading to learn more about this couple’s fascinating story.

Drake and the IG Model

An Instagram model claims Drake got a little too spicy during a recent romantic encounter, which allegedly occurred at the rapper’s hotel.

The model claims that the self-proclaimed Certified Lover Boy, Aubrey Drake Graham, put a packet of hot sauce in a used condom to kill his sperm after they had sex.

She took the condom out of the trash after he discarded it and attempted to impregnate herself inside the bathroom, not realizing what it contained.

What Really Happened

Drake went into the bathroom to put on a condom before the two got intimate.

And when they were finished, the “Hotline Bling” singer went back in to dispose of the prophylactic.

This is the point at which things start to get strange.

The model allegedly went to the bathroom after Drake and then poured the contents of the condom into her genitals.

She immediately felt a burning sensation and began to scream, prompting Drake to rush to the bathroom to see what was wrong.

He then told the model that he poured hot sauce from a packet into the rubber to kill the sperm in the event that the model tried to get pregnant from the artist.

What is the Instagram Model’s Name?

The Instagram model’s identity is still unknown and has yet to be discovered.

She stated that she and Drake had an intimate night.

According to the model, the pair returned to the hotel after attending a party.

The model claims that after a mutual nod, the pair smoked and got physically involved.

The IG Model’s Intensions

However, the model is looking for easy money and wants to be the rapper’s baby mama, went on to pull the condom from the trash in an attempt to impregnate herself.

It was then that she discovered the condom was filled with hot sauce.

She claims Drake does so that women looking for easy money, such as herself, can’t get their hands on Drake’s juices.

She also stated that she intends to sue Drake in the near future.

Since then, they have flooded social media platforms with memes praising Drake for his decision to avoid getting up with a slew of baby mamas.

The Controversy

Social media users reacted quickly to the controversy, with one user saying, “Hot sauce condom was good for for Drake, he needed that after what y’all did to him on TikTok.”

Another user, referring to a term popularized by Gunna Pushin P, stated, “Drake is P for putting hot sauce in his condom.”

“Drake fills his used condoms with hot sauce,” one user added.

Tristan Thompson’s is riddled with holes.”

“Why is no one asking how the girl missed that Drake’s used condom was filled with orange/red cum?!?” said the next.

She just saw that and kept trying to impregnate herself?

The color of hot sauce cannot be disguised… “Something isn’t adding up here.”

“Dear unknown IG model who is suing Drake for putting hot sauce in his used condom to kill his sperm so bi**hes like you won’t trap him after going into the bathroom and putting his sperm back into you, you are a dumba**,” one tweeted.

You were attempting to catch him! He should sue you and you’re a**.”

“Drake really on to sum here with this hot sauce in the condom trick…boutta start a hot sauce company called plan C,” one user said.

“The Drake hot sauce condom story is crazy and doesn’t feel REAL,” said another. Imagine trying to outmaneuver Drake in order to obtain a Money bag for child support.

You untie the used “bag” and pour it there. And then become enraged and want to sue.”

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FAQs on Who is the IG Model Suing Drake 

1. Is it True that Drake Poured Some Hot Sauce Inside the Condom?

Yes, it is true

2. What is the Instagram Model’s Name?

Her name is unknown

3. What Exactly did Drake Put Inside the Condom?

He put some hot sauce inside the condom

4. Where did the Incident Take Place?

It took place in a hotel

5. Does Drake have a Child?

Yes, he has a child

6. How Old is Drake?

Drake is 36 years old

7. What is the Name of Drake’s Son?

 Adonis Graham is the name of his son

8. Is the IGModel Pregnant for Drake?

No, she is not; in fact, her plans were thwarted.

9.  Who is the Mother of Drake’s Son?

A French model

10. What are his Fans’ Reactions to this Mater

His fans are supporting him

Fans pointed out that Drizzy has stated in his lyrics that he has gone out of his way to ensure that women do not collect his sperm.
Fans also pointed out that Drake learned from the situation in which he found out about the birth of his son Adonis.