Why Paris supplants Montreal…

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In theory, there is nothing to prevent Montreal or Quebec to build magnificent monuments, such as Paris. Yet… How to explain that the City of Light we’re beaten at this point ?

Every time I find myself in front of the statue of Danton, near where I lived in Paris in the 1970s, I say to myself that this is a work – in its place here – more beautiful than any statue in public in Quebec. A giant of the policy such as René Lévesque, he has made a statue of “nabot” in the middle of nowhere… During the 375th anniversary of Montréal, I was shouting (in vain) to pay tribute to De Maisonneuve and Jeanne Mance by living works, and dramatic. The poor in quebec, fully incarnated by the duo Coderre-Rozon, has opted for modern art… abstract, without a clean report with Montreal.

A huge difference

The pont Alexandre in Paris shows us that a bridge can be, in itself, a trophy and a work of art.

It hurts me every time I visit Paris to measure the difference of aesthetic level between the French metropolis and ours. Our Quebec city wins easily on Montreal for the distinction, the respect for its history. But just think of the ornaments that make the charm of Paris and attract (like flies) lovers of the world (despite the prohibitive price) to the point where I count dozens of photos of the newlyweds from elsewhere to celebrate their union. The Parisians are jaded of all this ” tourism marital “…

Of course, no roundabout of Montreal or Quebec city has not half the charm of the place de la Concorde. We find that spirit in Washington… but because it appealed to the architect Pierre L’enfant to draw plans of the american capital.

Just as the Montrealers do not visit the mast of the olympic Stadium, the Parisian never goes over the top of the Eiffel tower… the symbol of the city that may be the monument of the most profitable of all time. Its construction has cost around 8 million gold francs, the equivalent of about 32 million euros… which is nothing for a structure which attracts 8 million visitors who pay a minimum of $ 50 each, without counting the expenditure in the shops and at the restaurant… And I guarantee that the beautiful statues also have a “tourist value” undeniable… that Montreal will never have ! How our mayors who regularly visit this city, are they not income with a few ideas or ambitions for ours ?