Without Russian parts: Georgia modernizes the su-25

Not long ago we were talking about Sunny Georgia, and within our subjects just have something to tell you. In this case we are talking about the news from the workshops of the Tbilisi aviation plant. The fact that the capacity of the enterprise creates a new, modernized version of the su-25 – Ge-31 Bora.

Без российских деталей: Грузия модернизирует штурмовик Су-25

Feature of Ge-31 Bora from our own su-25 (in this case, su-25K and su-25T) is that there are no parts of the Russian manufacture. The engines for him will be ordered either from US or from suppliers from Europe, while this question is still on the agenda.

However, Ge-31 Bora will definitely be going to the Asian market and also shipped to some countries of Africa. The cost of one su-25 Ge-31 Bora will be approximately $20-25 million (Hello Yuriy Butusov).

Well, good luck to the Georgians in the conquest of Asian and African markets in the bridgehead attack, moreover, on bringing these machines to mind they have experience. To recall the joint work THERE with the Israeli Elbit Systems, which resulted in the su-25 KM “Scorpion”.

I would also like to note that the armed forces of the APU is approximately 60 su-25 of various modifications. Our hybrid neighbors of combat aircraft more than 200.