Young people, astrology and the flat Earth

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It is obvious to anyone with the slightest bit of judgment: the astrology is a scam that has miserably failed all tests designed to verify its prediction power. It’s been years that we know. In effect, how a simple arrangement of stars located light years from us could have the slightest impact on a person’s personality and on what awaits in her future? All the more that the shape of these arrangements of stars only depends on our position in the universe (looking at these same stars, but from a different angle, we would have completely different forms).

One might therefore expect that the belief in astrology decreases from generation to generation, the young people are more educated than ever. And yet, a study from PEW we learned that the young generations in the United States are significantly more likely to believe this kind of nonsense. There is talk of 30% for the generation born in the 80s who believes in astrology, compared with 18% for those born before 1945.

In the same vein, it’s been centuries that we know that the Earth is nearly spherical. The evidences are so many that I think it is not even worth the trouble to develop. And yet a recent survey we learned that among the 18-24 age group (the United States), 34% suspect it (compared to only 6% among those 55 years and older). One in three young people! It actually zozos!

It is good to teach young people to doubt and be open minded, but first you have to teach them rational thinking. Obviously, there is gap in this regard. I dare to hope that the situation is different in Quebec, but I doubt it.

Maybe it is an effect of age, and not of generation, but whatever it is, the next time you will be presented with the views of the youth as modern, wise and enlightened compared to that of the “old” that would be retrograde, think again well.