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Several singers have taken over, over the years, the songs of Félix Leclerc. The album Legacy – a Tribute to Félix Leclerc goes in a completely different direction with young artists who take up the songs of the poet of the island of Orleans in the mode symphony.

In sale since Friday, Legacy – a Tribute to Félix Leclerc starring Émile Bilodeau, Matt Holubowski, Lydia Képinski, Lou-Adriane Cassidy and a string quintet made up of members of the Orchestre symphonique de Montréal (OSM).

“It was time, on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of his death, to give a blow of youth to this directory. I like the idea of asking young artists to revisit and re-appropriate the work of Felix while looking at him in the eyes, ” said Monique Giroux, idéatrice of this album.

The radio host wanted to offer something new.

Monique Giroux

“There are tributes to Felix who are very successful. I didn’t want to redo what had already been done. It was a concept more sharp and precise. I’ve worked a lot with symphonic groups in recent years and I found this interesting avenue, to bring the melodies from elsewhere, and to do it without the guitar “, she explained during an interview.

The idea appealed to Nicolas Lemieux, the record company GSI, which has contacted the conductor Simon Leclerc, a partner in the series OSM Pop, to sign the arrangements and conducting the string quintet.

Émile Bilodeau

Feeling and emotion

Monique Giroux has first selected the artists, and it was then found on the songs of Felix that might suit them.

“It was not a very difficult operation. I work a lot by instinct, feeling and emotion. I need to hear what it will give in my head. It had glue, ” she mentioned.

The most well known pieces, like my shoes, Bozo, The Tour of the island and There is love, have been orchestrated to make instrumental interludes.

The invited artists interpret parts a little less known to the directory of Felix as life, love, death (Lou Adriane Cassidy), Elsewhere (Matt Holubowski), and The year 1 (Lydia Képinski).

The coating and symphonic arrangements by Simon Leclerc allow you to set up a unit and a vibe that is present throughout the album. “This is not a pile of songs. We wanted to create a concept and a journey. Felix deserved it, ” she said.

Matt Holubowski

Émile Bilodeau

As strange as the thing may seem, Émile Bilodeau was in the directory of Felix up to the neck, when he was approached for this project.

“I was in the creation period for my second album and I was listening to the Felix. It is quiet and it is something that helps me refocus. I was there and it was perfect. It was all in my vibe in the moment, ” he remarked.

The young author-composer and performer takes back the title the 100 000 ways to kill a man.

“This is by far the song most funny of his repertoire. We see his little sadistic side and “thrash” in its approach to the different ways to kill a man “, he dropped.

Monique Giroux states that the album Legacy – a Tribute to Félix Leclerc will have a life on stage.

The OSM has recorded this concert in its programme of pop concerts in the fall at season 2019-2020.

Legacy – a Tribute to Félix Leclerc is in sale since Friday, in physical format and digital.